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Martignani: avant-garde technologies for pesticide plat treatments

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2014 | Back

Martignani is coming to EIMA International with a number of new products led by the new semi-mounted version 3P model Whirlwind M612 Duo-Wing-Jet – Hill electrostatic mist blower to flank the trolley version which captured a New Technology prize awarded at by the Enovitis 2013 International Vine and Olive Growing Technics Exhibition. Following in these footsteps the new single-row model for semi-mounting on the tractor PTO captured another New Technology award at the 2014 edition of Enovitis in the Field. The M612 Duo-Wing-Jet-Hill 3P model version is equipped with a 400 liter capacity tank and a single air cushion protective screen for the electrostatic recovery of pesticide treatment products with no recycling but with 95% anti-drift and anti-residue effect. As the Ravenna manufacturer points out, this recovery technology is based on combining electrostatic attraction between the vegetation and nebulized microdroplets with those of special air cushion protective screen air cushion. Martignani will also bring along the 3P Mounted Electrostatic Duster MC2, named first prize winner in the EIMA International 2004 in the New Technologies competition, and 3PT model, both with the electrostatic system. These dusters are now on the market in versions especially designed for use in organic farming by deploying the electrostatic charge for highly efficient applications of powdered sulphur, Bordeaux mixture and diatomaceous earth. In the segment of pneumatic sprayers, Martignani is launching the new M 120 Junior Cognac trolley model with a straddle bar for treating 2 rows/four vineyard walls simultaneously and a restyled Whirlwind M120 California tower sprayer with an upper launch head ideal for  treating 2 rows/four vineyard walls without straddling the rows thanks to a system for the hydraulic regulation of the head’s launch angle.



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