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New entries from Nobili for plant treatment

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2014 | Back

Nobili is expanding its range of of products with three new entries for plant treatments. The first up for a debut are, in alphabetical order, mounted and trailed ANTIS sprayers equipped with new concept front blower and suction groups designed to avoid problems associated with suction of foliage of the product sprayed or dusted. Moreover, the new blower groups guarantee optimum protection for the operator, especially for tractors without a closed cab, because they direct the flow of air and the treatment product behind the suction area. Among the winning features of the ANTIS models are anti-wear ferodo clutches, air guide vanes for stabilizing the flow of air on both sides, compact size for facilitating maneuvering, variable pitch blades to regulate according to air flow required by the plants and the tractor power available. The ANTIS sprayers can be used with tangential tower conveyers, the ANTIS V, ideal for the treatment of trellis vineyards and fruit orchards. The VENTIS series, available with 600 to 2000 l tanks, is coming out with a totally new design. The restyling involved not only the core of the machines – the Nobili centrifugal turbine producing air speeds from 120 to 185 m/s to micronizes the water thanks to the Venturi effect to ensure more sentitive coverage – but also upgrading a number of components. The locus and nozzles in polyethylene and nylon were designed with the latest innovative techniques of 3D modeling in order to obtain the best micronization possible and the sprayer heads have been redesigned to now make them ideal for various types of tree spraying. Other sprayers coming out are three mounted models in the ECO range for mounting on the three-point hitches of full field tractors. Up for special mention are the ECO PLUS professional models in a line with 600, 800 and 1000 l tanks and equipped with hot galvanized sprayer booms in lengths of 12, 14 and 15 m, two pumps and four independent movements of the booms. There is also a wide range of optional equipment including electric controls, a distribution computer and winch and hydraulic lift systems.



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