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ROB3 by CIMA, the evolution of the straddle head

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February - March 2016 | Back

The most recent plant treatment product from the Pavia manufacturer CIMA is the ROB3 pneumatic sprayer with a new three drop straddle device and a linkage parallelogram system to equip the low volume pneumatic sprayers of the Link series. Thanks to the reduced steering radius of the wheeled sprayer, the Link automizers and the new head, the machine can vaunt great maneuverability and productivity. A technical report issued by the manufacturer said the straddle head enables simultaneous plant treatment on three rows from 1.7 to 3 meters wide and tried and tested CIMA technology  using the Venturi effect for atomizing the spray ensures excellent distribution of the product and effective penetration of hidden foliage difficult to reach. The vertical drop of the sprayer booms can be regulated directly for desired width from operator’s seat with the use of the control console which also manages the electro-hydraulic CPU and displays in real time operational data. The software makes it possible to open and close the booms automatically, control these automatic movements to make certain they are smooth and speedy and to shut down the sprayers. CIMA has also provided separate maneuvers of the drop straddle to guarantee a rapid resumption of treatment compared to maneuvers performed in particularly narrow headlands.

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