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Ventis FF Pro, an award-worthy sprayer

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2018 | Back

The Nobili company was rewarded for the Ventis FF Pro towed sprayer with staggering head, as part of the initiative “Vota in Vigneto” [Vote in the Vineyard] organized for Enovitis in Campo, held last June in Fabbrico. The Bologna-based company was also awarded for twenty consecutive years of participation in the event, organized by the Italian Wine Union.

The new operating conditions in vineyards increasingly require shorter intervention times and precision in the treatments, and the latest creation from the Nobili brand consists precisely in providing the Ventis system with a new multi-row staggering head. The FF Pro sprayer is designed in response to the demands of farmers who need a machine that can adapt to different types of systems and treatment. Available with 1000 - 1500 and 2000 litre tanks, also in the version approved for road circulation, this application is able to simultaneously treat three complete rows in a single pass. The head is equipped with independently fed downpipes, which provide a uniformity of treatment over the whole leaf wall and the different faces. The conveyor divides the air equally over all the vents, so the penetration and pneumatic micronization are guaranteed by the Nobili turbine that is able to generate air speeds between 120 m/s and 180 m/s.

The main novelty consists in the series of movements, which allow the downpipes to be opened and closed also inside the rows, easily passing over 2.4 m heights without leaving the rows themselves and avoiding hazardous obstacles or impediments that could slow down the work (e.g. light posts in the centre-row). The three vertical droppers are mounted on telescopic arms that allow the treatment of vineyard installations with inter-row widths from 2 to 3.5 m and plant walls up to 2.5 m, treating three complete rows. The movements are easily controlled by a joystick located in the cabin, and the spraying management can be entrusted to the on-board computer.

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