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John Deere precision sprayer

by Emanuele Bredice
March - April 2019 | Back

John Deere signs one of the novelties in the field of turf maintenance, in particular in the precision spraying sector. It is the PrecisionSprayer GPS technology applied to the Amenity Turf HD200 sprayer, available exclusively combined with ProGator vehicles.  Designed specifically for golf course managers and turf professionals, GPS PrecisionSprayer, thanks to the AutoTrac automatic satellite guidance and to the individual sections and nozzles control, improves the accuracy and uniformity of treatments by spraying predetermined areas in less time with greater pass-to-pass accuracy. The AutoTrac system also makes it possible to reduce operating costs by automatically controlling the nozzles, limiting wasted product caused by pass to pass overlapping and off-target applications.  The GPS PrecisionSprayer utilizes advanced satellite technology to ensure the reliability of boundary maps and precision up to 2.5 cm through Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation. In this way, users can create coverage maps. “The GPS PrecisionSprayer offers an innovative solution that allows our customers to be more productive and accurate when maintaining turf,” said Carlos Aragones, John Deere European Turf Sales & Marketing Manager.


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