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Braglia SmartSpray, spraying on demand

Two new products from the Emilian company at Agritechnica. The first is SmartSpray, a system designed for sprayers which allows application range and pressure control. The second is the M203 Series valve, allowing for precise control of the bar section

by Fabrizio Sereni
November 2017 | Back

Hanover hosts the debut of SmartSpray, a device specifically designed for sprayers by Braglia of Reggio Emilia. This is a system designed to control the pressure and range of the application, adjusting the product dosage to the surface to be treated. SmartSpay consists of a control unit (HMI) and one or more power units that handle the various functions of the device. In addition to ensuring optimum and reproducible processing, the system developed by Braglia can record the most important work data (travelled distance, treated surface, dosage, pressure, speed, tank content) and maintain a constant air flow by altering the fan speed (hydraulic control). With SmartSpay you can also handle electric cylinders for positioning air deflectors. The technology offered by the Emilian company supports the use of ultrasonic sensors that allow the automatic opening and closing of the spraying sections. In this way - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - product usage can be optimized, reducing its dispersal in the environment. The modular low consumption device is also characterized by the ability to handle the single nozzle in automatic mode, and can work with any type of valve, solenoid or motorized (with two or three-wire supply). Finally, it should be noted that SmartSpray is equipped with a new computer. The terminal allows the user not only to intervene on the valves and the air flow, but also to combine up to 14 hydraulic sections and 8 electrical sections through a PID in PWM power supply system. The new M203 series valve is prominent on the stand of the Reggio brand. The M203 enables precise control of the bar section through an electric impulse to a gearmotor, which opens the nozzle (or nozzle group) very quickly, similar to that of solenoid valves, but with much smaller thrust absorption limited to the transient phases only. Under open or closed nozzle conditions, the power absorption is cancelled until the next impulse, thus reducing energy consumption. In addition, the closure of the fluid delivery hole takes place with a diaphragm designed to be reliable and to withstand encrustation build-ups cau­sed by the fluids. The new M203 Series Valve can be combined with all the nozzles on the sprayer. Each nozzle, explains the manufacturer, can be ma­naged individually or through the SmarSpray unit, but can also be paired with vegetation sen­sors for targeted treatments on a single plant (or limited parts). This provides great benefits from the point of view of product consumption and dispersal into the environment.


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