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Cima: integrated solutions for crop protection

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2014 | Back

The manufacturer in Montù Beccaria, near Pavia, will bring to center stage of its exhibition area not only the Rateo Variabile (VRT) pneumatic sprayer – tapped for a Technical Innovation honorable mention – but also the entire range of Cima’s prized products. These machines will be led by the New Maxi 600, a compact and robust trailed pneumatic duster ideal for dusting operations in big stretches of vineyards and fruit tree orchards. Following restyling and a design update the New Maxi 600 can ensure precision and uniformity of distribution and top-flight performance, even when a large supply of air is required, thanks to the new high-yield centrifugal fan. The Cima duster also features great work autonomy of up to 10/12 hectares and low running costs due to maintenance limited only for the oil and grease nipples and the transmission chain tensioner. In the range of distribution heads is the powerful hydraulic hydraulic cannon equipped with a fan designed for open field dusting as well as within large greenhouses to guarantee better spray penetration through the canopy and complete coverage on any type of crop. Among the sprayer distributor heads is the remarkable TC.SAV4C designed for the purpose of simultaneous treatment of six trellis walls of vegetation with a single passage, that is, three inter-rows no higher than 1.6 and 1.5 meters respectively. This head is ideal for narrow inter-row operations on strongly slopping terrain. Cima also turns out ten sprayer head models with fan housing orientation, equipped with anti-drip valves and compatible with low power regimes of down to only 25 Hp. These models are designed for extensive or tented foliage of cultivations requiring an ample arc of distribution of up to 180°. With these nozzles, the spray arc can be regulated according to the cultivation type to optimize the flow of air for precise and complete penetration. The T.4C.2OL, on the other hand, is built for treatments of fruit trees with especially dense and vigorous walls of foliage for providing excellent penetration and coverage. 



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