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Atom 3500: top performance on rugged terrain

by Giovanni Losavio
January 2014 | Back

The new entry for the Andreoli Engineering sprayer range is a self-propelled unit, the Atom 3500 model designed by the manufacturer in Modena to the scale of big farming enterprises. The distinguishing features of the machine range from the enormous tank capacity of 3600 liters, the powerful and highly efficient ventilation system as well as elevated comfort guaranteed by independent variable hydraulic suspension, independent pneumatic suspension for the cab and a large pneumatic drivers seat. Furthermore, the ample and spacious cab with great visibility is pressurized and equipped with automatic climate control and an air filtering system against chemicals and dust allowing the driver to cope with long days on the job with comfort and safety. With a continuously variable hydrostatic heavy-duty transmission and automatic displacement control and independent hydraulic suspension which is adjustable for machine height this Andreoli Engineering self-propelled sprayer is able to guarantee high performance and great yield even on the most rugged and irregular terrain. For the distribution of plant treatment products the Atom 3500 deploys an innovative ventilation system, the Velocity Angle Continuous Correction, VAC, developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia utilizing flow-3D CFD software simulations. Through these fluid dynamics simulations of the VAC system, Andreoli Engineering was able to analyze in detail the air flow through the fan and conveyer and all the other components of the system to enable the manufacturer to apply the findings to the design, the arrangement of rectifiers and other components in the system. This work has allowed the Reggio Emilia company to achieve aerodynamic profiles for reducing loss of the plant treatment product to a minimum as well as load loss while increasing the efficiency of the air conveyers and quantity of air. With the VAC system, fuel consumption and noise levels are reduced, because of the impeller regime running at lower rpm, and drift and pollution are limited. The Atom 3500 is powered by a 4-cylinder FPT NEF N45 engine with 4500 cc displacement which turns out 126 hp, is mounted on a a laser-cut hardened steel frame with hot-dip galvanization and provides four speed ranges: 0-6 km/h, 0-10 km/h, 0-17 km/h and 0-30 km/h at 2000 rpm.


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