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C.I.M.A. in India, a successful experience

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2015 | Back

From South Africa to the United States, C.i.m.a. SPA in Montù Beccaria in the province of Pavia, has been strengthening its international markets with great expansions in the Asia and Oceanic quarter and especially in Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Australia and New Zeland. Above all, in India the Lombardy manufacturer’s Low Volume Venturi Air system design for sprayers has begun to be known in recent years and is now warmly welcomed by farming enterprises.

This success has reached the point, C.i.m.a reported, that 700 of these units have been shipped to the subcontinent in only four years. The CEO of the company, Monica Smeraldi, said, “For the Indian market, we opened contact for the first time in 2011 by taking part in the second edition of EIMA Agrimach in New Delhi which enabled us to consolidate relations with a local company involved in new technologies. During the trade fair we gathered the information needed to round out a commercial, logistics and technical picture to lay the groundwork for a partnership with the company.” Smeraldi went on to report, “The partnership went into operations after analyzing the needs of Indian producers of table grapes and pomegranates and after having adapted our technologies to their specific requirements.”

On the other hand, one of C.i.m.a’s strong point is exactly this ability to adapt their crop protection equipment to operations performed in the most varied working conditions. “This involves investments in human resources and financing but the results of our specific technological solutions are always finally rewarded, as testified to by the volume of sales achieved in India,” the C.i.m.a CEO added.

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