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EIMA Agrimach, spotlights on made in Italy

15 Italian industries in the agro-mechanical sector took part, directly or through their local distributors, in the seventh edition of EIMA Agrimach. An important business opportunities on the Indian market for Italian agricultural machinery

by the editorial staff
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From devices for agriculture 4.0 to irrigation and water management systems, from gardening machinery and tractors to tillage equipment and weeding machines.

During the seventh edition of EIMA Agrimach Italian manufacturers presented some of the most innovative technological solutions for Indian agriculture.

Organised in partnership by the Indian Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry FICCI and the Federation of Italian Manufacturers FederUnacoma, the event saw the participation of 15 Italian brands, who attended it in Bangalore both directly, with their Indian branches, and through their local distributors.

The Made in Italy machinery on display in Bangalore therefore covers a wide range of products, starting with components, which are represented by six companies: Ama, Arag, Bertolini Idromeccanica, Braglia, Imovili, Serigrafia 76 and Udor.

Although operating in the same sector of specialisation, that of component design and manufacture, these exhibiting industries boast highly differentiated product lines, ranging from sensors to adhesive graphics, from pumps to gearboxes.

Solutions for chopping and biomulching are also in the foreground at EIMA Agrimach, with models offered by Negri, and equipment made by Casotti, Cima e Dragone for pesticide treatments.

In the harvesting and pruning sector, the spotlight was on the technologies developed by Campagnola, while Oleomac showed its new range for gardening and green maintenance.

There are also latest generation technologies for pedestrian controlled tractors and tractors, with offerings from two major players in the sector, BCS and New Holland.

The Indian agricultural machinery market, which for years has been at the top of the world market in terms of sales volumes - FederUnacoma explains - offers important business opportunities to Italian agro-mechanical companies, some of which have even opened branches or production plants in India.

An event like EIMA Agrimach therefore represents a further opportunity to put the italian industry of the sector in contact with the reality and specific mechanisation needs of local agriculture.


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