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Biomass for India, a winning choice

by Matteo Monni
December 2015 | Back

In India, where most of the population lives in small villages, the ability to create the conditions for widespread production of electricity from renewable sources at a local level is a winning choice. In the specific case of energy from biomass in India, it is a matter of building a complete production chain, ranging from the collection of raw materials, the production of energy and its distribution and utilization. These models are already widespread in Italy and Europe. In this sense, the many farms that are equipped with biogas plants are a prime example of “circular economy” because they enhance the area’s resources without giving rise to waste, producing renewable energy and consequently reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.    

A similar model can also be realized using lignocellulosic biomass, using gasification technology, which is rapidly spreading with the construction of an increasing number of small installations that are manageable at the farm level. EIMA Agrimach has sought to stimulate exchanges of knowledge European and Indian experts and stakeholders on the state of the development of small scale technologies for the production of bioenergy with special reference to the biomass supply chains and the role biomass plays in the setting of agricultural mechanization. In New Delhi, looking to EIMA Energy – the section dedicated to renewable energy sources in agriculture associated with EIMA International 2016 – preparations will begin for strengthening the involvement of industry representatives, the world of agriculture, research and Indian institutions interested in the development of the bioenergy sector. This step will open to prospects for laying the groundwork for participation in international projects targeted on the dissemination of innovations with the transfer of know-how and good practices between Italy and India, in line in line with the hopefully binding objectives of sustainable development that will be established in Paris on the occasion of COP 21.

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