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EIMA Agrimach, the engine of Asian agriculture

The international exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment will take place in New Delhi from 7 to 9 December. 300 Indian and foreign manufacturers will attend the exhibition showing thousands of models of machinery and components to suit any production requirement. Many official foreign delegations, from several Asian countries, will attend this exhibition as a result of the successful cooperation among Indian and Italian institutions

by the editorial staff
December 2017 | Back

The fifth biennial edition of EIMA Agrimach international exhibition -  that will take place from 7 to 9 december in New Delhi, at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in Pusa -  makes Agrimach a major event of agricultural machinery, a benchmark for the Indian and the whole Asian area operators.
Organized through the partnership between the Indian Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries FICCI and the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, and with the participation as co-organizers of the Indian Ministry of Agriculture, and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the ICE Agency, the exhibition will highlight machinery, equipment, and technologies for any kind of agricultural production. Tractors, combine harvesters, soil tillage and working machinery, irrigation systems, farm equipment, components, fittings, and spare parts, built by 300 manufacturing companies, will be highlighted at EIMA Agrimach, whose last editions’ audience, reached 38,000 units (December 2015) and this year is expected to be even bigger. The success of the event is linked to the exhibition formula, which includes a static machinery exhibition inside the stands, and many demonstration tests set up in the outdoor spaces, which allow farmers and technicians of agricultural mechanics to appreciate the features of the machinery and their functionality at work. The exhibition stems from a solid partnership between Indian and Italian institutions, and offers great visibility both to the Indian industries specialized in agricultural machinery, and to foreign-owned industries traditionally strong agricultural machinery manufacturers. One of the first country among them is Italy, with its strong tradition in this mechanics field, and that has already built up several partnerships and joint ventures with Indian industries building important manufacturing establishments in the big Asian country. The Indian subcontinent has been for years the world’s first market for tractors sales (about 600 thousand units per year). However, the EIMA Agrimach exhibition also attracts audiences from other countries that have climatic conditions, soil characteristics and agricultural structures for certain aspects like those in India. Evidence of this international vocation is the presence of the official delegations of foreign operators, made possible thanks to the contribution of the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade, ICE, who are visiting the exhibition and, in the three days of Dehli, will give rise to a busy meeting schedule with the manufacturing industries. The official delegations will come from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam. With them, hundreds of foreign operators will attend, taking part in the event outside the delegations and contributing to give EIMA Agrimach the extent and value of a main international event.

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