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Braglia, components for tailored Indian agriculture

by Fabrizio Sereni
december 2013 | Back

Braglia in Reggio Emilia is heading to Eima Agrimach for the launch of their range of sprayer nozzle holders available in various versions which all share holders in brass, seals in PVC and NBR or FPM and components in stainless steel designed and fine tuned for the treatment of tree crops on the Indian subcontinent. The M65, M82 and M84 models work at maximum pressure of 40 bar, as the manufacturer's technical note explained, are equipped with a resistant and effective anti-drip valve and are available for G1/4M, G3/8 M, G1/4 F type connectors. Moreover, the holders come with a nut and O Ring seal so they can be mounted on collectors without the use of glue or Teflon.

The special M65 and M82 carry two nozzles for selection between intermediate and closed positions whereas the model M82, which can be regulated, allows the operator to vary the spraying angle for the treatment of crops with high trunks. The M84, on the other hand, provides three nozzles for the selection of closed positions. The nozzle holders can be fitted with ATR ALBUZ nozzles, in durable pink ceramic which reduces wear of the component, optimizes precision and facilitates mounting and dismantling with assembly without gaskets. The ALBUZ ATR nozzles are available with a hollow cone spraying angle of 80° or 60° meeting ISO standards.

Among the other products the Reggio Emilia manufacturer is bring to the New Delhi exposition are the Nehro and Turbo Metal lance sprayers working at pressure of 50 bar and designed for plant treatment in vineyards, fruit orchards and floriculture. The Nehro model comes with a meter for regulating pressure, a regulator for adjusting the spraying angles on two sides and a bayonet ring nut for cleaning and replacing the nozzle. The sprayer is built in stainless steel, brass and molded thermoplastic and the ergonomic grip provides protection for the user. The Turbo Metal lance sprayer, on the other hand, has a body in brass and stainless steel and an FPM seal and an aluminum grip coated an anti-corrosion Niploy.

With one hand, the operator can open and close the sprayer and regulate the angle of the treatment spray as well as position of the Turbo diffuser to achieve the most uniform coverage possible. The Turbo Metal is also equipped with a swivel fitting for avoiding torsion applied to the tube.


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