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EIMA Agrimach: advanced technologies for the Indian market

The international review sponsored by Ficci and FederUnacoma comes to New Delhi for a run from 5 to 7 December as the most important agricultural mechanization showcase for the subcontinent and neighboring countries. The major manufacturers are taking part in the event growing in exposition area and number of exhibitors arriving. Italian companies in the front rank plus special interest in the schedule of conferences on agronomic, technical and political and economic issues

by the editorial staff
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The biennial Eima Agrimach in New Delhi, the exposition of agricultural machinery now solidly confirmed with the third edition of the event organized by the Italian federation of agricultural machine manufacturers, FederUnacoma, and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, is set for 5 to 7 December in the Indian capital with the promise of even greater numbers and exciting features.

The exhibitors taking part, 245 for the 2011 edition, are reaching some 270, their exposition area has been extended by 15% to 15.000 m², including the stands under cover and outside demonstration areas, and even greater growth is reported for the figures on international exhibitions, up by 25% over the most recent edition. Moreover, the Indian market is being confirmed as one of the most consistent worldwide for the number of tractors registered in the category of over 40 hp, at 600,000 units annually, four times greater than the number for the entire European Union.

The figures for the country fully justify the keen interest shown by the manufacturing industries in many countries for this exposition for reaching out to a vast public of farmers and technicians and especially public sector representatives, local administrators, consortiums and the big agricultural enterprises which, in India, are points of reference in the mechanization market. Visitors flocking to New Delhi for the review held in the Indian Agricultural Research Institute of New Delhi will be presented with a complete panorama of what mechanization has to offer for all types of farming operations.

Flanking the production of the big Indian industries will be the machinery and equipment arriving from manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China and especially Italy, thanks to the farsighted work of FederUnacoma looking into the potential of the subcontinent's market and the need to organize a trade fair event on the scale of EIMA Agrimach. The official sponsors of this year's edition are John Deere, New Holland, BKT, Shaktiman and FIIPL–Howard and, present in the tractor sector other than John Deere and New Holland, are the Claas Group and the leading Indian trademarks, Mahindra, TAFE-Massey Ferguson and Sonalika.

A special stand has been allocated for the display of machinery put through field trials last March in Ludhiana in Punjab for demonstrations set up through the cooperation of Ficci, the University of Ludhiana, FederUnacoma and the Italian-Indian Emilia Romagna Chambers of Commerce Camera. In their area, the Italian manufacturers will showcase machinery and equipment produced by companies, including many units with specifically designed and developed technologies for meeting the requirements of Indian agriculture.

In the development of relations between these Italian manufacturers and Indian businesspeople, Ice, the Italian Foreign Trade Agency, has played a key role in the organization of visits to Eima Agrimach by businesspeople from a number of Indian states and neighboring countries. Aside from the great promotional and commercial content of the event, Eima Agrimach provides the ideal occasion for monitoring world markets and dealing with salient technical and agricultural policy issues.

On the agenda for this edition are a large number of conferences and meetings sponsored by Ficci, FederUnacoma and other Indian and international entities. Among them is Agrievolution, the association which groups the major agricultural machinery manufacturers' associations in South Korea, Brazil, Europe, Russia, India, the United States and Turkey.

In meetings set for 5 and 6 December, Agrievolution will take up monitoring of the markets around the world and discuss demand trends and strategies for the development agricultural mechanization in future. Other meetings scheduled include one for the presentation of a research and development project started up by the University of Ludhiana and the Emilia Romagna Region, two conferences sponsored by Ficci on the Indian market trend and the development of the role of third party contractors in the country and another organized by the Italian Biomass Association, Itabia.

This gathering, for work on the issue of bioenergy, was planned in cooperation with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and local research agencies to shed light on the contribution vegetable biomass can bring to the Indian energy generation industry and the development of more efficient models for the nation's farming enterprises.

There will also be room for publishing initiatives with the world premiere of Mondo Macchina/MachineryWorld online, the specialized magazine which covers agricultural mechanization published in Italian and English and circulated around the world. The new website will provide access to the English language version for international businesspeople and other readers as an instrument for ongoing updates of the most advanced mechanization features, crop techniques and the most innovative products for the needs of agriculture in all areas of the globe.


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