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Agrievolution, an alliance at the service of global agro-mechanics

by Patrizia Menicucci
February 2024 | Back

The Steering Committee of Agrievolution, the international alliance of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers’ associations from Argentina, China, Korea, France, Japan, Iran, and again the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the United States, plus the European Cema Committee, met in Brussels in February. During the meeting, held at the FederUnacoma offices in Brussels and chaired by chairman Ignacio Ruiz and Secretary General of the alliance Charlie O'Brien, several points were discussed. First, a task force was set up to organise a global technical meeting each year to share information on the technical and regulatory state of the art of the sector in various regions of the world, to highlight the impact these issues can have on companies operating outside their own country. The first meeting should be held in 2025. The Steering Committee, which in the days of the meeting visited the European Parliament, then focused on the collaborative activities to be implemented with CEMA and the European institution, and introduced the possibility that within the organization the figure of the affiliate member is also provided for. In view of the meeting of the Economic Committee Agrievolution, scheduled for next April 16 and which will also be open to the owners of the various member companies of each nation, the participants discussed how to harmonise the contents of the Country Reports, which periodically the associations present and which provide an overview of the supply and demand trends of agricultural machinery and equipment in the world. The final steps were then discussed for the Alliance to complete the path to becoming a legal entity by 2024; on the proposal of the US association AEM for a new tool for simplifying ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting was also discussed; and finally, the activities to be held at the next EIMA International (BolognaFiere, 6/10 November 2024) were established, at a press conference and a reception for executives of member companies for 7 November. The meeting was attended by representatives of Ansemat (E), Ignacio Ruiz (current president of Agrievolution); of FederUnacoma (I), Marco Pezzini and Fabio Ricci; of AEA (UK), Ruth Bailey, of Tarkmabir, (TUR) Selami Ileri, Curt Blades and Jason Malcore of AEM (USA), Toshihiko Tamura of Jamma (J), David Targy of Axema (F), and in virtual connection Ekaterina Braichenko of Rosspetsmash (RUS) and Federica Tugnoli of FederUnacoma (I). The final statement of the meeting confirms Agrievolution's commitment "to promoting collaboration, innovation and sustainability within the agricultural machinery sector, driving positive change and progress on a global scale".

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