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Agrievolution: Spain joins and new statistics program

The Spanish manufacturers' association Ansemat joins Agrievolution Alliance. There are now 14 members in the alliance representing 6,000 enterprises. The Agrievolution Statistics Program for monitoring the markets is starting up

by the editorial staff
May - June 2016 | Back

Agrievolution Alliance is welcoming Ansemat, the Spanish National Association for Agricultural, Forestry and Landscape Machinery, as a new member of the global association of agricultural machinery manufacturers. Ansemat represents 63 agricultural equipment producers and is affiliated with the Demoagro and Fima agricultural trade fairs. The arrival of the Spanish association takes the number of organizations in Agrievolution to 14 and boosts the number of manufacturers of agricultural machinery represented by the alliance to beyond 6,000. The ongoing expansion of the alliance is consolidating the capabilities of Agrievolution to promote the interests of agriculture around the world for achieving a better understanding of the key role played by agricultural machinery and equipment for the food sustainability of the planet’s growing population.

One of the Agrievolution objectives is monitoring the markets as the most accredited source in the world of today. In this connection, the alliance, recently added another significant world organization in agricultural mechanization. In mid-May, Agrievolution Alliance was named to set up the statistics secretariat of ASP, the Agrievolution Statistics Program, under the management of Systematics, at work in statistics in the sector for years. ASP provides product-by-product global data on the markets for companies affiliated with the specific survey program and now deals with five product lines: tractors, combine harvesters, mowers and two types of hay balers. Each of the  Agrievolution Alliance members shares the program with their own members for the purpose of broadening participation and acquiring increasingly complete information. The overall goal is to achieve coverage of all the principal markets with an eye on extending the program itself in the future with the inclusion of other categories of products.

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