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January/February 2015

Tractors: slight decrease in sales on the world market

The sales of tractors reached in 2014 the share of 2,130,000 units, with a decrease of only 3% compared to 2013, a record year for the world market with 2,200,000 units. In numerical terms, India and China alone cover more than 50% of the market, with the US returning players with over 208,000 registered vehicles (+3%). The sales in Europe recorded a decrease of 8%. The forecasts for 2015 still expect high sales volumes for the Asian giants, with a decline for the European market

Tractors world market closes 2014 with a slight decrease over the previous year, with a total of 2,130,000 units sold compared to 2,200,000 in 2013, which represented the best historical result for the sector. Despite the decline of 3%, all the sales levels remain very high, confirming how the development of agriculture especially in the emerging economies results in the increase of the demand for mechanization. The data – collected and published by Agrievolution, (the Association – of which FederUnacoma is one of the founding members – that brings together the major producing countries), do not cover the totality of tractors sold worldwide but represent a reliable indicator of market trends. In numerical terms, India and China are confirmed as the most consistent markets, with respectively 593,000 and 525,000 sold tractors, a decline of 4% for India compared to 2013 and a level in line with that of the previous year for China. India and China alone cover over 50% of the global sales volume even if in terms of added value, quality and motoring power, western markets still remain the world leaders. Also in numerical terms, the third largest market is the United States, which close 2014 with 208,000 registered tractors with an increase of 3%, while the EU registered a decrease of 8%, in the ratio of 169,000 tractors against 184,000 the previous year. Despite the decrease of the internal market, Europe remains a strong producer of tractors, which in large part are placed on foreign markets: Europe absorbs in fact, in terms of units, about 8% of the total worlwide, while in terms of production represents, in value, about 20-25%, with an estimated sales volume of 8.2 billion euro. The statistical picture published by Agrievolution gives a prominent position to Brasil, which although decreasing by 15% compared to the previous year, mantains a very high number of registered tractors (55,500 units) and Turkey, which had an increase of 12% with 58,500 tractors, placing the country in the fifth place on a global level. For 2015 Agrievolution expects an even increasingly sales volume for India and also for China, despite a possible decrease compared to the levels of 2014, while a slight decline might be possible in the US, Brasil and Europe. In general, analysts observe a downward trend in the share of high-power tractors and the increase of the segment of tractors of low and medium power, perhaps a result of the development of specialized crops in Western Countries and of specific needs of emerging countries requiring more compact machines, but less expensive in terms of investment.

by the editorial staff

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