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Contracting is good for the environment

The use of agromechanical contractors for agricultural work is often an obligatory choice. If the machinery's road travel distances are not excessively long, it is a largely sustainable option, because it has been shown to have lower environmental impacts than own-account work

Contractors as knowledge multipliers

Contractors are called upon to play a central role in the transition towards agriculture 4.0, informing farmers about the advantages and opportunities offered by new cultivation practices and new technologies

The role of contractors in Italian agriculture

The crisis in the sector of agriculture has resulted in a decline in investments and the outsourcing of some operations. An analysis completed by Nomisma with the support of Confai and Unima disclosed that recourse to agro-mechanical enterprises has benefited farmers not only financially but also as regards the quality of the work performed and the availability of qualified personnel.

Agricultural machinery: contractors the locomotive of the market

A survey sponsored by Edagricole/New Business Media and conducted by Nomisma shed light on the role of the agricultural mechanization enterprises play in providing for the economic and structural shortcomings on farms. The study disclosed a number of critical factors for them such as delayed of payment for their services and difficulties in gaining access to credit for the purchase of machinery

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