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Agricultural machinery told in a comic book

Against the backdrop of the Bari exhibition, FederUnacoma is presenting a comic strip entitled "Federunacomics, agricultural machinery in safety", which tells the story of the agro-mechanical sector in the typical language of "comix", addressing an audience of young people interested in agriculture and the correct use of mechanical means

by the editorial staff
October 2023 | Back

A young couple are pursuing their dream of starting a farm, and therefore feel the need to learn more about the world of agro-mechanics. These are the starting points of the comic strip entitled "Federunacomics, agricultural machinery in safety", conceived and published by FederUnacoma, the Italian federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers, and created by graphic designer Rita Montorsi. Leafing through the pages of the comic strip and stepping into the shoes of the young couple, readers have the chance to familiarise themselves with different types of agricultural machinery - from specialised tractors to combine harvesters and mulchers - learning their salient technical features and acquire the basic notions for the correct, but above all the safe use of machinery.

The aim of the publication is not to instruct readers in the use of technologically very complex machines - which requires specialised training - but to provide a quick overview, an insight that can fuel the growing interest in a sector that is so important for the development of the primary economy. Presented and distributed during the seventh edition of Agrilevante, the publishing initiative promoted by the manufacturers' association represents an unprecedented dissemination tool for the agricultural machinery sector, designed to reach a target consisting mainly of young people and students. The comic strip is aimed primarily at the "new generation", the designers, farmers and agro-mechanical technicians of tomorrow. However, it is also aimed at the large audience of the curious and enthusiasts of agriculture and the rural world, who are interested in learning more about the agricultural machinery sector.

The language is typical of comic strips: up-to-date, immediately captivating, which is also very effective for communicating a highly technological industrial sector such as agricultural machinery. "After all, graphic representation is the first symbolic form created by man, it is the gesture that fixes emotions and experiences in the memory, that tries to tell things in their essence. In short - reads the preface - the comic strip is more than an 'entertaining' product, it is the passionate work of someone who has something important to say, and explains it with a drawing".

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