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Seppi M.: the new STAR-FC stump grinder

The STAR-FC rototiller by Seppi M. is an ideal tool for land reclamation and the stabilization of subsoil in tight spaces. Increased working width, increased engine power, and systems that facilitate job settings are the strong points of the new equipment

by the editorial staff
April 2016 | Back

The new version of the Seppi M. hydraulic head STAR-FC was introduced at Bauma 2016. Lighter and more powerful than the previous one, the new stump grinder is a machine dedicated to 15-35 t hyd excavators. Born as a hybrid rototiller/shredder intended for a variety of uses, this tool is suitable for shredding up to 40 cm Ø, grinding stumps, and crushing stones from 15 cm Ø up to 30 cm deep, and is ideal for reclamation of abandoned land, elimination of stumps on slopes, and stabilization of subsoil in confined spaces. The special concept of transmission allows the STAR-FC to vary speed of the rotor by simply pressing a button in the cab. In addition, the operator can see the rotation speed at any time, thanks to a special display. Depending on the process, the operator can always choose the best way to work. And this is the innovation which, more than any other, distinguishes the STAR-FC from the classic shredders or stone crushers. The speed change allows to increase the number of rotor revolutions to shred wood, or lower it to grind stones and till soil. The new Seppi M. stump grinder can be supplied with one or two M-BOOST™ motors with adjustable speed and electric remote controls. This type of motor provides extra power and efficiency by developing very high torques. Maximum power is obtained by applying the two hydraulic motors, so that the machine can be operated with extremely high hydraulic flows, and have an excellent performance. The size of the machine has also been increased, now available with a working width of 125 cm, and the maintenance has become much simpler. The wear plates can be easily changed, as they are bolted to the frame, and the motors are easily accessible.

The construction uses very durable but lightweight materials, with interchangeable Hardox® plates, next-generation patented rotor with an effective combination of tools of the new type MONO PROTECT™ and MONO EXTREM™, with additional tungsten carbide inserts on the points subject to wear; meanwhile, a quick and easy replacement of the hammers ensures less unproductive downtime. The bonnet is hydraulically adjustable with a very robust cylinder. This adjustment allows you to work with greater depth and closer to the shredded material, always ensuring maximum safety, also guaranteed by the double chain protection.

There are various types of attachment available for specific excavators, or also the 190° rotation saddle, which enables working in two directions without moving the excavator.

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