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The Starsoil tiller-mulcher on the stage in Germany

by Emanuele Bredice
october/november 2013 | Back

Starsoil is the name of Seppi's new multifunctional tiller-mulcher, to be unveiled at the Agritechnica exhibition in Germany. Suitable for use with tractors up to 250 HP, Starsoil can crush stones of up to 30 cm in diameter, shred stalks and trunks of more than 40 cm in diameter, and works at depths of up to 40 cm.

The machine is compatible with all types of tractor with creeper speeds and features a chassis made of "Xardox ®" anti-wear material. The efficient combination of Extreme™ series tools, with oversized tungsten carbide inserts in the areas most subject to wear and mounted on supports constructed of hard metal, ensures the maximum level of safety and durability. Among the new features is the new geared drive train, which makes it possible to increase the torque limit, allowing deeper soil penetration of the tiller.

The stand of the Bolzano based company will provide visitors with a first-hand look at the new technical details of several of its classic agricultural implements. The Maxiforst forestry mulcher, now compatible with all tractor types from 295 to 500 HP. The drive train has been reinforced and equipped with an integral cooling system.

Clutchless rotor starting and stopping, thanks to the use of a centrifugal coupling, means that both the mulcher drive train and tractor transmission are protected. Maxiforst is ideal for forestry professionals, especially in woodland clearing duties following timber harvesting, in felling duties and in maintenance and disaster refurbishment works.

There are also new features for the universal H-SMWA-K mulcher, which thanks to the new tools – SMW DUO type flails with dual cutting edge – allows the rotor to work in both directions of rotation.

The machine, which is equipped with a hydraulically openable hood, can approach crops more effectively and consequently cut weeds at all heights. The innovative Stopsafe™ system arrests the mulcher in the event of incorrect use of the hood, thus preventing the projection of cut materials.

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