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Versatile and multi-purpose, the B20 Seppi

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

Multifunctionality, versatility and cost reduction are the main features of the new Sebi B20 forestry mulcher.  Presented in Bologna during EIMA 2018, the B20 is not only a shredder, but also a cutter and a picker. The rear thrust connection means that the B20 can easily chop all the residues of wood, logs and plants of large diameter, up to 20 cm, and is ideal for use with rear-drive tractors with power ranging between 130 and 200 Hp.

The pick-up rotors best transfer the tree raw material to the rotor shaft, so that the wood is ground quickly. The finely shredded material is vacuumed immediately after crushing, thanks to a powerful, specially designed disk chipper. Subsequently, it is ejected from an exhaust pipe positioned on one side of the tractor, where a second tractor can operate in parallel with any type of trailer and collect the chipped product. The efficiency of the B20 is such that an area of ​​one hectare can be completely cleared in a few hours. The machine works up to a speed of 5 km/h (depending on the thickness and volume of the material). The finely ground residues can be reused as biomass for combustion plants, or used for composting, quickly turning into valuable humus. The B20 expulsion tube has a flexibility guaranteed by a hydraulic movement system (it rotates up to 190°). Moreover, its tilt and the adjustable opening of the “spout” make it suitable for any model of trailer. The expulsion tube is coated with replaceable tempered steel plates. The chipper blades, also in tempered steel, guarantee a long life even when subjected to the harshest conditions. During transport, the B20 exhaust pipe can be withdrawn hydraulically and is rotating and folding, which makes it suitable for road traffic, thanks to the reduced width.


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