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Supersoil from Seppi: versatility and resistance

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January - February 2017 | Back

The Supersoil is a brand new stone crusher - forestry tiller from Seppi, a specialist manufacturer of mulching equipment, arriving in Paris for  Sima for a debut. The fundamental features of this restyled heavy duty forestry tiller and soil stabilizer are new generation tungsten carbide tipped hammers, the Super Mono Protect™ And Super Mono Extrem™ Hydr. operated at the points subjected to the most wear. Another key component is the optional hydraulic high-density controlled roller which can be equipped with double the number of tools compared to traditional rollers. This roller works down as a compacting roller producing fine crushing and up  for depth control. The new updated version of the Supersoil fully confirms the tried and tested strong points of the earlier models beginning with optional skids with perforated leading edges which facilitate penetration of the terrain to allow the tiller to reach maximum depth on the most demanding soil. Another carryover is the innovative Adam™ alignment system for the PTO shaft on the standard version to improve the way the machine adapts to the soil. This feature of angular compensation created by Seppi is used to protect the cardan shaft and the tractor PTO from unnecessary stress caused by differences in soil. With a tractor power requirement of 250 to 390 Hp, the Supersoil was designed to crushes stones up to 40 cm in diameter, mulches stumps and roots up to 50 cm diameter and till soil as deep as 30 cm and deeper, depending on the working conditions. Overall, the restyling performed by Seppi technicians has made Supersoil a star in the manufacturer’s firmament for the versatility of the machine welcomed on the market, robust construction with a strong frame made of wear-resistant Hardox steel and flexibility in operations. 


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