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Shredder MU2 by Vigolo

by Fabrizio Sereni
January 2014 | Back

The MU2 shredder built by Vigolo in Alonte, near Vicenza, was designed for cutting up vine branches, grassy residues and other small to medium plants and is suitable for small  to medium size agricultural enterprises as well as big farming operations. The machine is lightweight but remarkably robust and flexible thanks to reduced profile hammers  mounted on a 153 mmÆ rotor or, on request, a 160 mmÆ for shredding wood of up to 4 to 5 cmÆ and for operations even on stony ground. The MU2 is also capable of handling maize stalks and other crop residues. The shredder is equipped with a gearbox with a freewheel inner shell making it possible to vary speed between 540' and 1000' simply by reversing the pulleys. This reversible shredder MU/R can be mounted either on the front or back of the tractor. When positioned on the front, it allows material to be shredded without being run over by the tractor and this also means that other equipment

can be used in conjunction with the shredder on the back of the tractor for combined work. There are two positions for the machine's rear roller, the first is near the rotor to gain the advantage of roller self-cleaning and the second is behind the the shredder discharge. On the side of safety for the operator, worthy of mention is that the Vicenza manufacturer equipped the new shredder with a hood which does not hinder the discharge of the shredded product and an operable rear door for facilitating maintenance.  

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