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SSH-SSH/HP forestry tiller, quality and power

by Giacomo Di Paola
January - February 2019 | Back

In the forestry tiller segment, FAE presents the new SSH-SSH/HP with fixed tool rotor, for tractors between 160 to 500 horsepower. As explained by the company from Fondo (Trento) on its website, this is a model designed for heavy duty operations, thanks to the oversized rotor that is able to shred logs with diameters up to 70 centimetres (the small logs are handled by the forestry counterblades).  Yet the new FAE forestry tiller is not just about power.
SSH-SSH/HP also focuses on work quality: the high number of tools - explains the manufacturer - ensures optimal shredding operations even in the presence of roots with depths up to 50 cm, while the “wide roller” is able to completely cover the working width and thus compact the undulations left by tilling. Among other constructive advantages of the new tiller by FAE, it is worth mentioning the use of internal Hardox steel guards (they are interchangeable and easy to replace), which has improved the durability of the components against wear, and the new grille that is independent from the bonnet that allows you to adjust the grain size of the output material.
For this component, the technical solution adopted by the designers of the Trentino company was to increase the distance of the grille from the bonnet, thus improving the outflow of residues.
The SSH-SSH/HP model is equipped with the W-type system for adjusting the parallelism system between gearbox and cardan shaft, so that the application can operate at multiple angles without damaging the power take-off, and with a double gear transmission, designed to decrease the rotor speed and reduce tool wear as a result.

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