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Anno 2020 Numero 10-11

October - November 2020

Alice 58 Premium, the professional harvester by Campagnola

Restyling coming soon for one of Campagnola's flagship products. We are talking about the Alice Premium 58 electric olive harvester, for which the Bolognese company (headquartered in Zola Predosa), specialized in the manufacture of pruning and harvesting machines, has created a new professional version. Compared to the previous one, the new Campagnola olive harvester offers greater resistance to abrasion and features more flexible prongs (they are loaded with elastomer and can be replaced individually), anti-rotation sliding bushings, aluminium components with surface hardening treatment, and the 13 metre cable with polyurethane converter. "Alice Premium has been designed for intensive and protracted harvesting operations for long periods of time. Harvester 58 - explains the Emilian manufacturer with a technical note - has a high harvesting capacity on all types of cultivars, thanks to the opposed elliptical movement that allows you to work without damaging the plants and reducing the fall of leaves". The Bolognese company has provided this product line with three models powered by both lithium batteries (backpack battery) and automotive-type ground batteries (80/90 Ah and 12 V). All models are equipped with an electronic economizer (which can be deactivated) to automatically slow down and accelerate the speed of the rakes - respectively - at rest and in operation (as soon as they touch the branches), helping to optimize the battery consumption when the machine is out of the plant's canopy. Lastly, the double speed of the rakes is noteworthy, allowing the operator to work at 1080 or 1150 strokes per minute, thus obtaining optimal harvesting results.

by Giacomo Di Paola

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