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Line 44 Campagnola, the complete range for pruning

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

Campagnola celebrates its sixtieth year of activity by launching, at EIMA International, a line of electrical equipment dedicated to pruning. As the company based in Zola Predosa (Bologna) explains, the models of the Line 44 series make up an integrated range of tools for working on small and large diameter plants at medium-high heights. It obviously starts from the pruners, with two models - Easy S and Easy L - with progressive cutting capacity: 30 mm for the first, 36 mm for the second. They are joined by two solutions on extension rods, namely the pruners Easy 80 (with 80 cm rod) and Easy 150 (up to 150 cm), both with a cutting capacity of 36 mm. The new Campagnola prumers (with or without rod) stand out for their high-strength steel blades, the ergonomic handle and the two opening modes, complete or reduced. On the other hand, Linker is a light and handy tying machine, suitable for ties on any type of tree. Above all, it is a tool that makes efficiency its point of pride. According to the manufacturer’s statements, with Linker it is possible to cut working times in half compared to manual tying, sparing the operator heavy and stressful physical efforts. Working speed (up to 60 ties per minute), low maintenance, low weight (just 940 grammes including the cable) and three different types of wire for the reels (in plastic, paper or photodegradable material), are the other strengths of the Campagnola model. To facilitate the use of the entire product line, the Bologna brand offers a single 1.5 kg battery, inserted in an ergonomic backpack, which provides each tool with enough power for a whole day’s work.

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