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The new edition of the Comacomp Directory

Following what has now become a tradition, the Comacomp Inventory is presented at EIMA International. This book is both a promotional and informative tool providing a comprehensive overview of the components sector

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

As already occurred at EIMA 2016, the Association of Components Manufacturers for agriculture and gardening once again chooses Bologna 2018 trade fair to promote its Directory, a publication showcasing Italian member companies and their products. Arrived at its fifth edition, the Directory will be presented within the EIMA International Exhibition (Bologna, 7-11 November), and in particular in the EIMA Salon dedicated to components. The Directory is an informative support as well as a promotional tool, useful for companies and activities of Comacomp (which is a member of FederUnacoma) for the years 2019-2020, and provides an exhaustive scenario of a part of the mechanical sector representing the excellence of “made in Italy.” The publication, made of 132 pages, has been written in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian, and includes a section describing all the activities carried out by the Comacomp Association.

Therefore, a wide section of the publication is dedicated to its partners, with business cards, personal information, and product details.

All of them are displayed in a way that allows to identify many product groups, from mechanical to oleo-dynamic components and accessories for crop protection and irrigation,  from electric and electronic devices for operation control and IT management of mechanical means to various parts used in self-propelled machines for agriculture and gardening. In short, the Directory represents a summary of this industrial sector that includes 95 partners, over 12,000 operators and a yearly turnover of over 1.9 billion euros, the 80% of which comes from export.

The new Comacomp Directory makes its debut at the Bologna event to accomplish its main task, i.e. to guide operators in the exhibition and particularly in the Salon specifically dedicated to mechanical components. This useful tool is also available in an electronic version, for a more practical consultation.   

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