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Operating machines, a strong point of EIMA International

Among the major agricultural machinery exhibitions, EIMA International is the one that offers the widest choice of operating machines and equipment. These vehicles for working the soil, treating crops, harvesting and transporting produce, irrigation and livestock farming - located in...
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Implements from A to Z

First edition for the Assomao Directory, the association of implements manufacturers set up in 2012 as part of the product category structure of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (FederUnacoma). There are over 150 associated companies that express an...
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FederUnacoma: new representative bodies, and projects for foreign markets

The board members of the industry associations are elected at the Annual Meeting of the federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers. The new Chairman of the Association of operating machines, ASSOMAO, is also elected, in the person of Piersilvio Mayer. The Chairman of the federation, Massimo Goldoni, presents the agenda, which includes the important topics of foreign markets and EU regulations. The exhibition activities continue to grow

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