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Global exposition of machinery, a guide for the issues

The 2018 edition of EIMA International has planned a heavy schedule of conferences and meetings trained on technologies, the economy and current policies in the primary sector. The safety of mechanical means, digitalization of agriculture, management of water resources and young farmers are the principal issues to be taken up during the exposition coming up as a great promotion and commercial event also featuring time for information and cultural considerations

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

The great EIMA agricultural mechanization review coming up in Bologna where the 43rd edition will be staged from November 7 to 11 for presenting an immense panorama of technologies for the primary sector and providing an impressing setting for dealing with the agriculture economy and policies, the land and the environment and agrarian engineering. The EIMA International exposition mission is to host more than one hundred events including conferences, theme seminars and meetings to give time for information and cultural issues. The schedule of these events run from the promotion of the industry exhibitions, those on public and institutions, professional organizations, specialized publishers as well a FederUnacoma series over the five days of the exposition covering an ample array of issues of interest for farmers, contractors, business people, mechanics technicians, students and the sphere of policies and information. In addition to prestigious appointments such as the “Tractor of the Year” promoted by the magazine “Trattori”, some of the theme areas are especially valuable. In first place is safety as a key issue for the current edition with an official presentation of the FederUnacoma Safety Project initiatives to open in 2019 to promote the purchase of new agricultural machinery improved for use on domestic and European Union lands, to make the revision of old machinery mandatory and run surveillance of the market to counter the sales of products which do not comply with EU regulations. The project is also aimed at specific training for drivers and issuing licenses for operating agricultural machinery. The project is set to be dealt with on the morning of Thursday the 8th, The second EIMA 2018 issue is digital technology created for precision farming and 4.0 agriculture. This is a procedure of great importance for the primary sector which the exposition is supporting through the inauguration of a new EIMA Digital exhibition area set up for industries producing advanced electronic systems for agriculture plus specific conferences on the issue scheduled. Among those in particular is one promoted by the Informatore Agrario publication with the title, When 4.0 Agriculture Increases Profitability to be held on day 7 and one on the issue Data and Agriculture + Profits + Efficiency + Traceability promoted by Image line/MacGest scheduled for the afternoon of day 8. Another top matter associated with the new exhibition is the Hydrotech Salon on water and advanced technologies for the management water resources with dedicated conferences and technical seminars on these issues. Young farmers and professional opportunities in the agricultural machinery sector is a big issue for the current edition, running through various initiatives. One is the national assembly of the National Association of Young Agriculture Entrepreuneurs, AGIA, on the afternoon of day 7 and another is the presentation of the Young Farmers Observatory by Nomiama and Edagicole in the morning of November 9. There are also Mech@grijob meetings in collaboration with FederUnacoma for the public presentations of the students with professional profiles and employment opportunities in the agricultural mechanization sector.

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