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Oleo-Mac, half a century as a leader

by Patrizia Menicucci
February 2022 | Back

With a logo that recalls a rising sun and the payoff "Trust for the future" Oleo-Mac, a brand of the Emak group that manufactures machinery, components and accessories for gardening, forestry and agriculture, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

For this anniversary - which aims to celebrate continuity with the past but with a vision of the future, under the banner of digitalisation, innovation and social responsibility - a specific communication campaign has been developed, with the creation of a video and a dedicated website (

Here you can discover the history of the brand through its various stages: the foundation and development in the 1970s, the expansion of the 1980s, the transformation of the 1990s - with the merger with Efco and the birth of Emak - the consolidation of the 2000s, and the momentum of the last decade that has seen Oleo-Mac go from its initial 3 products, 25 employees and a turnover of 0.5 million euros to the current 250, 2,130 and 469 million euros.

The celebrations will also include a limited edition of iconic Oleo-Mac models that will only be available for a short time and will be produced in a special iridescent colour that enhances the 50-year mark.

These models, revisited with the latest technologies for improved performance and user comfort, are the GS 451 50y chainsaw, the G 53 TK Allroad Plus 4 50y lawnmower and the Sparta 441 S 50y brushcutter.

All Emak dealers will play an active part in this important anniversary, with special limited edition machine displays, specific brochures, a line of dedicated clothing and gadgets. 

Ariello Bartoli, founder of Oleo-Mac and member of the Emak Board of Directors, comments on this important milestone: "The anniversary is a moment of celebration, but also a great opportunity to renew commitments and objectives for the future, with the right energy and enthusiasm as always".

Four commercial brands - Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini and Nibbi - four production units, eight foreign commercial branches, 150 distributors, a catalogue of more than 250 models and a consolidated turnover of 588 million Euros by 2021: these are the figures of Emak, the world reference group in the production and distribution of machines, components and accessories with high technological value for gardening, agriculture, forestry and industry.


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