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Emak Oleo-Mac chainsaws for power and maneuverability

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

Emak in Bagnolo in Piano near Reggio Emilia is a manufacturer specializing in machinery and accessories for gardening, agriculture and forestry with technologies targeted on a public of professionals, hobbyists and gardening enthusiasts with an ample and diversified range of products. These extent from chainsaws, brushcutters, rotary tillers on to transporters and more for an impressive 200 models which often make their debuts for the great crowds attending EIMA International. Among the flagships in the Emak lines are new Oleo-Mac medium power chainsaws, the 2.4 Hp GS 371, 2.6 Hp GS 411 and 2.9 Hp GS 451 designed to meet the requirements of a vast range of end-users, private and professional, for pruning, lopping branches and small to medium diameter stems and also for firewood. These Emak chainsaws are compact, versatile and feature the great advantage of their weight/power ratio. These manageable machines ensure excellent performance for all operations. Among the strong points are 2 segment elastic pistons, shafts and connecting rods in forged steel, the rolled bar and cylinder are housed in nickel to insure steady performance over time even in demanding operations, an aluminum oil pump which facilitates the operator’s work due to adjustable flow rate in relation to the use of the machine combination of the bar/chain. To also cite are the nylon filter with a generous surface to increase the increased hours between filter cleaning and the Primer technology for drawing fuel to the carburatore for easy cold starts after refueling the carburatore and after when the chainsaw is idle. On the same issue, the EasyOn system reduces blowbacks while starting, a multifunctional lever with integrated on/off and the choke control to semi-acceleration. The chain tensioner is on the side to improve registering the chain and lowering the risk of coming into contact with it. Double gaffs are available in plastic or removable steel to ensure safe work on trunks and increase the maneuverability of the machine and there is an anti-vibration system of 3 spring shock absorbers and two in rubber between the handle controls and the engine support to isolate vibrations for the operator.


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