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Carmobil 3000 4.0, a sprinkler for precision agriculture

by Giacomo Di Paola
April - May 2020 | Back

Carmobil 3000 4.0 with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system is a self-propelled sprinkler designed by Pioggia Carnevali of Porto Mantovano for the cultivation techniques of precision agriculture. It means that this machine is equipped with hardware and software systems that allow it to connect in real time to the farm’s network to exchange data and information about the type of work to be performed at a given time on a certain portion of the land. The user can manage remotely the operating parameters of the sprinkler and set specific processes. For its self-propelled Carmobil 3000 4.0, Pioggia Carnevali has also offers an ad hoc version - the Carmobil 3000 4.0 FERT - intended for the management and distribution of farm wastewater. This version offers the option to customize the basic set-up of the motor pump unit (the operator can choose between different types of motors and pump bodies), as well as the materials of the components and the frame, opting for example for the AISI 304 stainless steel, prized for its high resistance to corrosion. The on-board electronics were developed by the technicians of the Lombardy company with the aim of creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that would facilitate the management of the spreading cycles as much as possible. This is achieved with the automatic adjustment of the motor pump group, whose rotation speeds are adapted to the type of work pre-set by the user. The great freedom of “customization” offered by the Pioggia Carnevali sprinkler also concerns the hoses, because - as the manufacturer specifies - Carmobil 3000 4.0 FERT is compatible with hoses of various sizes in terms of diameter and length.


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