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Hose-reel sprinklers, advanced technology for the water resource

The extensive use of the most advanced electronic and information technologies enables optimized irrigation operations to be carried out, both based on the actual needs of the crop and to achieve rational exploitation of water, a resource that is more and more valuable. Today the market offers a wide choice of reel machines for irrigation, whose features are tailored to the needs of different companies. The sprinkler’s flow rate is an essential variable as the more extensive the covered area, the more significant the overall saving of the operation

Ocmis E-volution: cuts irrigation costs

The last edition of Fieragricola saw the official debut of the E-volution system designed and built by Ocmis, an Emilian company (the headquarters are in Castelvetro di Modena) specialized in the production of self-propelled irrigation machines. E-volution - as the...

Carmobil 3000 4.0, a sprinkler for precision agriculture

Carmobil 3000 4.0 with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system is a self-propelled sprinkler designed by Pioggia Carnevali of Porto Mantovano for the cultivation techniques of precision agriculture. It means that this machine is equipped with hardware and software...

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