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Ocmis E-volution: cuts irrigation costs

by Giacomo Di Paola
April - May 2020 | Back

The last edition of Fieragricola saw the official debut of the E-volution system designed and built by Ocmis, an Emilian company (the headquarters are in Castelvetro di Modena) specialized in the production of self-propelled irrigation machines. E-volution - as the manufacturer explains in a technical note - is an innovative technology that consists of an electric rewinding device for the hose used on reel wagons for irrigating fields. The construction solution developed by the Modena-based company features a 4.3 kW 3VDC generator with electronic voltage and current regulator; a patented power take-off with roller bearings and forced lubrication; a 34vdc 250a digital controller managed via can-bus; a three-phase 24VDC brushless synchronous 4kW class F motor; a transmission with high-performance toothed belt. The technology developed by Ocmis has many advantages, starting with a reduction in energy consumption. Furthermore, the high efficiency of the generator/controller/engine system eliminates the problems related to overheating of the dynamic oil. And the E-volution system also proves to be very efficient in terms of containing operating costs, because - as Ocmis explains - the brushless motor and generator don’t employ any components subject to wear (filters and hydraulic pumps, for example), thus avoiding any cyclical maintenance. In addition to greater precision in setting the operating parameters, made possible by the Can-bus, E-volution has another great plus, related to the machine’s operating speed, which gains flexibility thanks to its motor equipped with permanent magnets. In short, the new construction solution designed by Ocmis promises to make irrigation operations not only more effective (because they are more precise thanks to the Can-bus), but also less costly.


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