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RM irrigators, a highly automated range

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2016 | Back

News from RM. The Parma company (headquartered in Sissa Trecasali) has enhanced the technological profile of its hose reel irrigators by introducing polyethylene pipes with a diameter of up to 180 mm, which have the great advantage of reducing any pressure losses caused by the system and lowering the energy consumption of the application. In addition, the irrigators equipped with a motor pump, the XJM irrigators, now come with a CWM device, a water-water heat exchanger on the diesel engine, designed to remove the radiant heat masses and significantly increase the efficiency of the motor pump unit. Another strength of the RM range, topped by the Giant XJ model and the aforementioned Giant XJM, is the pipe rewinding system, available in both a turbine version and a diesel engine version with hydrostatic transmission.

Among the winning technologies of the Emilian brand, we should also mention the RM programmer, equipped with all the functions needed to optimize the operation of the application.

These include, for example, the ability to signal the end of the tube laying and automatically operate the irrigation-end auxiliary cannon installed on the machine.

RM can also equip all irrigators in its range with an electronically controlled cannon, which, through a remote control, allows the irrigator to run the pre-set programme independently without requiring any manual user intervention on the cannon.


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