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Hose reel irrigation, in ongoing evolution

What is called the hose reel system is the type most widespread in Italy for full field watering. Manufacturers in the sector are marketing more efficient solutions built not only for achieving excellent irrigation but also for optimizing such features as the pumps, hose wrapping, hydraulic servo control systems and central processing unit control

Elite system by Irrimec, reliability and performance

Elite is the name of a line of hose reel irrigators made by Irrimec of Calendasco (Piacenza) for professionals in search of high-performance machines able to deliver the highest performance. These “top of the line” machines stand out for reliability...

RM irrigators, a highly automated range

News from RM. The Parma company (headquartered in Sissa Trecasali) has enhanced the technological profile of its hose reel irrigators by introducing polyethylene pipes with a diameter of up to 180 mm, which have the great advantage of reducing any...

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