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Irrimec, new generation technologies for irrigation

by Giacomo Di Paola
January/February 2015 | Back

Pivots and linear irrigators, new generation self-propelled hosereels and pump units are among the prized production items of irrigation machines and equipment Irrimec, located in Calendasco, near Piacenza, are taking to Paris for the upcoming SIMA International Agricultural Business show in Paris. The self-propelled hosereel machines showcased in Paris reflect the manufacturer’s user-friendly technology, reliability and special attention trained on construction details, especially the hydraulic components. Also noteworthy is the introduction of electronic systems for this type of machines to allow Irrimec to substantially reduce irrigation time through the increasing automation of operations. The care taken in the construction details is also a distinguishing feature of the Irrimec pump units – that is the pump which drives the self-contained irrigation unit, the pivot, the linear irrigators and fixed plant – which consist of a diesel pump incorporated with a two wheel hosereel built for ensuring high performance and great autonomy in operations. For the irrigation of large expanses of land, the manufacturer can be counted on for a range of pivot and linear irrigator machines capable of operating at low pressure, guaranteeing optimum quantities of water and offering maintenance reduced to a minimum. Calendasco company’s great pride is Top Rain technology, an electronic control system which makes it possible to modify the sector of rotation on the area under irrigation by operating the two shutdowns on the independent inverters. Top Rain is equipped with detection of the location of the trolley on the ground (GPS or sensors on the wheel) and, like all irrigators with inversion lever, can change the area being irrigated in relation to position the operation only on the sector wanted. Top Rain ensures excellent management of water resources.


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