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John Deere presents the new 5ML tractor series

by Giacomo Di Paola
December 2022 | Back

The new 5ML series of narrow-body specialised tractors featured on the John Deere stand in Bologna. These vehicles are powered by a John Deere PowerTec™ Plus four-cylinder 4.5-litre engine with a powerful 30 per cent torque reserve and a maximum output of 134 Hp. The mechanical transmission is of the PowerQuad™ Plus type: during the range change, the manufacturer explains, the corresponding PowerShift™ gear is automatically selected. The hydraulic flow is 117 l/min, which allows any hydraulically driven equipment used in orchards or vineyards to be connected without the need for an external PTO-driven pump. Furthermore, several applications can be combined, saving time: for example, it is possible to prune the vineyard and work the soil at the same time. A further plus is the considerable lifting capacity: 4.9 tonnes rear, 2.9 tonnes front, and a load capacity of 3.5 tonnes. The synergy between load capacity and lifting capacity allows large implements to be attached, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. The 5ML Series cab is equipped with an electronic joystick (facilitates implement control) and a large LCD display integrated in the dashboard. Thanks to the electronic joystick, controlling implements is convenient and easy. The category 4 cab filtration system (in compliance with EN 15695), integrated in the roof, is available as an option and blocks the entry of dust, mist and vapours from the cab. To optimise farmers' work, the 5ML Series offers a comprehensive package of precision farming technologies, such as the integrated AutoTrac™ guidance system. With 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup technology, you can configure work step settings, such as the dosage of a crop protection measure, via the John Deere Operations Centre™. As soon as the tractor enters the respective field, the set job appears on the display: all the operator then has to do is confirm and start working. 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup reduces set-up time and ensures error-free documentation. Via the John Deere Operations Center™, the 5ML Series models can be linked to software applications from partner companies that enable specific agricultural applications designed specifically for high-value crops. This promotes a targeted use of products, resulting in lower production costs. In addition, the John Deere Connected Support™ enables optimised operation of the 5ML Series: with the explicit consent of the operator, machine data is analysed remotely while the tractor is running. If an irregularity is detected, the John Deere dealer is automatically and immediately informed. The dealer will then alert the operator to the impending malfunction before the machine's performance is affected, and schedule an action to avoid costly downtime.


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