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New 6R Series, top technology for high performance

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2021 | Back


Fourteen new high-tech models designed to deliver top performance. These are the new John Deere 6R Series tractors, which range in power from a minimum of 110 to a maximum of 250 horsepower, to include the top of the range 235-horsepower six-cylinder 6R 185, specialised in transport, and the 177-horsepower 6R 150 utility. With the restyling of one of its most popular product lines, John Derre has introduced a number of important innovations.

Click-Go-AutoSetup. The system allows the operator to quickly and easily set up the various tractor and equipment functions, significantly reducing the need to intervene on the display. All desired operations - explains John Deere in a technical note - can be programmed in advance and managed in the cloud, including agronomic data relating to field boundaries, passes and prescriptions. When the tractor is on the job selected by the user, the stored profile is automatically activated, optimising efficiency and accuracy.

All controls and indicators are located on the display on the corner post. Compared to previous versions, which featured a dashboard behind the steering wheel, the terminal has therefore been repositioned, which has further improved the driver's view of the front of the machine.

A new electric joystick. It is particularly useful when working with a front loader.

The operator, who can configure the layout of the buttons to his liking, can easily change the direction of travel via the dedicated shuttle button. For front loaders, there is a dynamic weighing system specially developed for weighing on the move, without the user necessarily having to stop the tractor.

In addition, thanks to the 'return-to-position' technology, the operator can - with a single click - position the loader correctly, while the hydraulic horizontal levelling device prevents any loads from falling out of the loader bucket.

Intelligent Power Management. In the new 6Rs, the system is even more advanced. As well as working with PTO and transport applications, Intelligent Power Management provides all the additional power needed to operate the fans, hydraulic pumps and most energy-intensive hydraulic implements.

Four-cylinder models can now deliver up to 20 Hp; six-cylinder models up to 40 Hp.

A renewed design. The restyling of the 6R Series has also involved the look, which has been renewed and made even more attractive.

The bonnet and mirrors - says the American manufacturer - are the same as those of the larger tractor series, and the naming and numbering systems adopted are also those of the 7R, 8R and 9R Series models. Finally, the names of the 6R Series tractors are now followed by a separate indication of the engine's rated power.


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