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X Series, John Deere high capacity combines

by Giacomo Di Paola
December 2020 | Back

John Deere expands its range of harvesting machines with two new X Series combines, the X9 1000 and X9 1100 models (soon available in Italy), designed to increase hourly productivity even in demanding wet conditions. According to the manufacturer, the X9 1100 combine harvester can harvest up to 100 tonnes per hour with less than 1% grain loss. The operational heart of the new models is the feederhouse (one of the largest on the market). Working together with the innovative double rotor threshing and separation system, it improves the crop flow and increases the harvesting capacity. "Thanks to the new V-design accelerator, the crop passes smoothly from the feederhouse to the heart of the combine: the X Series double rotor (XDS) featuring a larger threshing surface and active separation," explains Jonathan Edwards, John Deere's Product Marketing Manager. "The XDS - continues Edwards - manages the harvest in nine steps, thus obtaining very low losses and greater operational capacity". The XDS rotors (3.5 metres) are equipped with the modular technology of the S-Series combines, which includes dedicated sections for threshing and separation. In addition to the traditional threshing elements, the separation area uses finger design elements to separate down to the last seeds from the crop layer, thus improving performance especially in less-than-ideal conditions. The two novices of the X Series are also characterized by the Dyna-Fl XL cleaning system, which features a renewed technical profile thanks to the adoption of an innovative ventilation system (compared to the S Series it has a 45% higher cleaning capacity) and thanks to a 36% larger operating surface (for a total of 7 m2). While harvesting, the X-Series combines can work up to 14 hours (manufacturer data) without needing to refuel. The new John Deere models are powered by a 13.6-litre John Deere PowerTech six-cylinder diesel engine capable of developing up to 700 horsepower (515 kW), notable for its low fuel consumption and a very large tank (1,250 for the X9). Another plus of the X Series is the ProDrive XL transmission, which offers smooth handling and can deliver up to 30% more on slopes, on wet and on muddy terrain than the traditional ProDrive transmission. In addition, the ProDrive XL provides engine speed management at 1700 rpm to maximize efficiency on the road. The new transmission of the X9 combines uses a technological dual pump system that engages both pumps at ignition, to ensure that maximum torque is available. As forward speed increases and torque demand decreases, the power of the second pump is reduced, reducing power absorption and fuel consumption. The hopper has a large capacity - 14,800 litres for the X9 1000 and 16,200 litres for the X9 1100 - with an unloading speed of up to 186 litres/sec, equipped with adjustable hood unloading augers, available for the Series in various lengths, fixed or foldable.


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