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M Series loaders, versatile and lightweight

by Giovanni M. Losavio
June 2020 | Back

Range expansion for John Deere front loaders. After the launch of the R series, dating back five years, the US company launches four new models for tractors up to 155 horsepower. These are the M series loaders, versatile and lightweight, designed for a wide range of uses, from standard loading operations to operations that require superior performance and comfort even in the narrowest working spaces. Especially those of agricultural and livestock farms, where the slender profile of the M series arm offers good front visibility of the bucket, of the attachment points and around the tractor. In addition, the new John Deere front loaders are equipped with a sturdy mechanical self-levelling system (MSL) which optimizes bucket filling.

Thanks to a weight that is 20% lower than the R Series models - this entails a significant reduction of the rear ballast (-20% according to the manufacturer’s data) - the M series is valued for its speed and operating fluidity. The 603 M, for example, can lift the bucket completely in just four seconds. Another strong point of the latest arrival from John Deere is its construction architecture, which exploits the same frame as the R series and therefore does not require any adaptation to the tractors. Also noteworthy is the possibility of equipping the new loaders with an optional damping system that protects the hydraulic components from impacts and damage (the components are positioned inside the frame). Marketed in Italy since May and compatible with John Deere front linkages, the M series allows a complete oscillation of the front axle while maintaining maximum steering angles and leaving free access to the tractor’s main maintenance points.


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