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EIMA 2022: John Deere new features on all ranges

by Federico Valentini
October - November 2022 | Back

John Deere is upgrading the 9000 Series range of mulchers.  Like the other models in the range, the 9500 and 9600, the 9700 will be powered by the JD18X engine, which does not require a diesel emission additive (DEF).  The 18-liter, 825-horsepower John Deere, besides increasing the mulcher's performance, is also introducing HarvestMotion Plus technology, which can generate increased torque and deliver even more power at low engine speeds.  Another new addition to the range is the enlarged discharge tube, which "gains" 20 centimeters over that of the previous version.  To fully exploit John Deere's power, Kemper has developed the new 30R grass pickup with a working width of 2.7 meters.  Equipped with an 80-cm-diameter auger with 20-cm coils and 6 tine bars with 6.5-mm tines, the new R Series pickups are designed for high efficiency.  Moreover, the 30R features a chainless transmission and reinforced wear components, which reduces maintenance costs and increases machine performance.  The American multinational company is also offering a range of solutions to increase operator comfort during the busy chopping season.  These include AutoSetup, through which workflows can be configured, planned and monitored wirelessly and free of charge with the John Deere Operations Center.  By using John Deere AutoSetup, it is thus possible to send this information to the forage harvesters directly in the field.  Besides the mulchers, John Deere is also boosting the 5G series tractors undergoing a complete upgrade, with five new models-now more powerful-offered in GV, GN, GF and GL configurations.  This last one, in particular, is remarkable for the 105-hp 5105GL model, which, in addition to providing more versatility in terms of power, offers a wider driver's seat for greater driving comfort when working among orchards.  A key new feature of the 5Gs is the Eco PowerReverser Hi-Lo five-speed transmission, which allows the tractors to go 40 mph at a reduced engine speed, making them more fuel efficient more comfortable to drive.  Tractors can be equipped with an optional ISOBUS system and be retrofitted with the JDLink telematics module to connect to the John Deere Operations Center platform, saving time and money.  To handle work on steep slopes and narrow rows even more effectively, machines can be equipped with features such as Dynamic Steering and AutoClutch.  With the former, the steering resistance changes automatically as the forward speed changes.  At lower speeds, the steering effort is significantly reduced, especially during tight turns, while the steering torque is higher during road driving.  Meanwhile, the AutoClutch function facilitates maneuvering on slopes, as the clutch is engaged with the brake pedal.


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