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AutoSetup from John Deere: all in the cloud

by the editorial staff
April - May 2020 | Back

A new system is now available that allows farmers to manage and store all the settings of their tractors and implements in the cloud. It is John Deere’s AutoSetup, with which operators can easily retrieve settings when they start working in the field, reducing the time required to configure the machines before the work.

The configurations of the tractor and implement combinations require a lot of time and expert operators. Up to 60 screen clicks may be required to set up a seeder; a considerable waste of time. Using John Deere’s AutoSetup, once the machine profiles have been memorized, the operator activates all the settings with a single click. The pre-programmed job appears automatically on the display in the cabin, and when the machine enters the field, the operator just has to confirm the details.

All the data is available on the John Deere Web Operations Center portal, so it can be used for the entire fleet. AutoSetup supports the following functions: tractor settings, such as PTO speed, lifter and hydraulic valves; equipment settings, such as sprayer boom height and nozzle selection or tanker tyre pressure; agronomic data, such as field boundaries, guidance system lines and application maps (ISO-XML supported through the John Deere Operations Center); do­cumentation data, such as applications for fertilizers and spraying. In addition, AutoSetup supports farm and fleet managers by allowing them to organize all jobs in advance, in the office, including doses and application maps. Thanks to the cloud-based database and open system structure, all ISOBUS implements can also be connected to AutoSetup. The system currently supports Kotte slurry tankers and John Deere towed sprayers, but other attachments can also be easily adapted.


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