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John Deere's new 4.0 systems

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2023 | Back

The U.S. manufacturer is presenting itself at Agritechnica with many innovations in the field of agriculture 4.0. Below are the main innovations launched in Hanover.

AutoPathTM. The automatic management and guidance system for grain equipment. It includes new features that increase the number of operations on different types of crops.

Based on the boundaries of the field and the working width of the equipment, the system automatically creates guidance lines for the entire terrain, including headlands. For users, this leads to a reduction in set-up times and a quick transition between different lines and cultivation practices.

John Deere Active Slope AdjustmentTM. The innovative combine technology ensures an active redistribution of the material on the sieves through a variable speed belt during threshing on sloping terrain. In addition, the system's pre-cleaning capabilities - John Deere explains in a technical note - improve performance on flat surfaces, increasing grain yields.

Automatic Discharge Management for John Deere Combine Harvesters. It is based on the existing MachineSync technology and allows the trailer to be automatically filled through the use of a stereoscopic camera. The combine harvester will follow its course while the trailer will be automatically positioned to allow it to be optimally filled.

Monosem QuadRate Pro for ValoTerra Monosem seed drill. The technology is able to handle the simultaneous application - row by row - of seeds, fertilizers and two microgranules during the seeding process. According to the manufacturer, QuadRate Pro helps optimize applications, maximize yield and profits, but also protect the environment and increase operator comfort.

EZCal technology for seed drills. During the filling of the seed drill, the EZCal system allows you to automatically calibrate seeds and fertilisers for all types of hoppers without having to intervene on the dosing system. EZCalTM reduces calibration time by 60% and is able to operate remotely in any location; results can be shared online and transferred to seed drills via the John Deere Operations CenterTM.

Dual.Volt.24M. The device uses "electric-hybrid-herbicide technology" to treat crops with non-selective weeding, combining it with band distribution for greater sustainability. The working width of 24 m and the adaptive applicators allow you to perform desiccation, inter-row weeding and weed control operations. The inter-row treatment can be managed by a camera that guarantees flexibility and adaptability to different plant widths.

Automatic guidance and management for forage fields. With AutoPath's new feature, you can improve the yield and quality of pasture land and reduce production costs by easily connecting mowing, spreading, raking, and baling or chopping. The solution developed by John Deere facilitates the application of Controlled Traffic Farming in lawns, with minimal set-up time to reduce overlapping of machines and traffic lanes, thus limiting losses due to compaction and contamination.

John Deere system for corn silage. With the Corn Silage System (SSF), farmers can already start to be on track with the EU's stated 2030 targets of reducing fertilisers and plant protection products for crop protection. Using the John Deere Operation Center and leading John Deere precision farming technologies, SSF maximizes production while minimizing inputs into agricultural operations.


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