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John Deere 5G Series: comfort and power between the rows

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

for John Deere's 5G series, which sees the debut of five new models in GV, GN, GF and GL configurations equipped with the five-speed Eco PowerReverser Hi-Lo transmission. The Eco PowerReverser Hi-Lo - says a company note - allows the tractors to travel at 40 km/h with reduced engine speed, which helps to cut fuel consumption and make the driving experience even more comfortable.

This, however, is not the only innovation from the 5G series. Indeed, the US company's engineers have completely redesigned the cab, improving both ergonomics and comfort (legroom has been increased), and providing a Category IV filter system integrated in the roof (protects the operator from dust and aerosols). The bonnet has also been redesigned and is now offered with a lowered profile to increase the front view of the work area, and with a new LED light system (optional). Another plus of the 5Gs is the 5-inch digital display centrally located right in front of the driver for easy adjustment of tractor settings. The 5G series models can be equipped with the ISOBUS system (optional) and can be retrofitted with the JDLink telematics module for connection to the John Deere Operations Centre platform. In addition, to better handle work on steep slopes and narrow rows, the American manufacturer's new tractors can be equipped with DYNAMIC STEERING and AutoClutch.

DYNAMIC STEERING automatically modifies steering resistance based on the forward speed - as speed decreases, so does steering resistance (especially during tight turns) - while AutoClutch facilitates manoeuvring on slopes thanks to the ability to engage the clutch with the brake pedal. The 5G series is also available in a version without a cab (OOS) or with a low-profile cab, designed for orchards with low arbour crops.


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