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New John Deere, Series X700 and X900

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2016 | Back

John Deere is expanding the manufacturer’s range of professional riding mower with the introduction of the X700 and X900 Series. The models in these series feature the modern automotive-style digital hood to give the operator clear and direct access to all the information needed to optimize performance, prevent damage and reduce the costs of working with the tractor. Productivity is ensured by a best cut zone function enabling the operator to work at an optimum speed while maintaining an excellent cut. MulchControl™ improves the quality and speed of mulching with great versatility. To shift from lateral discharge of cuttings to mulching requires only a touch on a lever for efficient productivity. For the Series X750, John Deere has introduced a 47” snow blower for additional versatility in year-round operations. This work is especially facilitated for deep snow by the reinforced transmission and an intelligent hydraulic device for lowering the rotor. The X950R professional lawn tractor with rear discharge into a grass hopper is available with a new concept fill indicator for emptying cuttings. The fill level indicator sends visual and audible signals to the operator on the quantity of cuttings in the hopper and indicates the best time to empty the hopper. This system involves the use of an ultrasound sensor inside the hopper and a digital display on the tractor dashboard for preventing clogging and eliminates the need to regulate the mower to adapt to various cutting conditions to give the operator more time to finish mowing work. 


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