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Anno 2019 Numero 5-6

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May - June 2019

Agrilevante, the livestock section is coming

The review of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture, which is held in Bari from October 10 to 13, is expanded by a pavilion dedicated to animal husbandry, with an exhibition of animals and breeding technologies. The part relating to the plants for the management of agricultural and forestry biomass for energy use has been confirmed, together with all the traditional sectors of specialization

The organization of Agrilevante, the International exhibition of machines, technologies and plants for agricultural production chains - Livestock Show, is proceeding successfully, scheduled at the Nuova Fiera del Levante in Bari from 10 to 13 October 2019 and organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with the Bari exhibition body. The organizers’ data indicates that the exhibitors have been assigned 90% of the total area available at the exhibition complex, with space nearing exhaustion, confirming the interest that the exhibition generates in the manufacturers of machines and technologies for agricultural supply chains. With these conditions, the Bari event is going to surpass the record results of the last edition (October 2017), where there were 300 exhibitors, with an area of over 50 thousand square metres, with over 5,000 models on display, and where the number of visitors reached 70,700, of which 3,200 from foreign countries, with 35 official foreign delegations. For this year’s edition, an even larger audience is expected, not only thanks to the consolidation of Agrilevante as a reference exhibition for agriculture in the Mediterranean area (with a range of machines and technologies ranging from tractors for open field crops to those for specialized crops, from operating machines to irrigation systems, from machines for working the soil to components), but also to the novelty of the livestock exhibition that premieres in the exhibition pavilions and promises to attract a vast audience of farmers and lovers of agriculture and outdoor activities. During the event’s four days, FederUnacoma, in collaboration with the Italian Breeders Association (AIA) and its Associates, presents a significant cross-section of the rich biodiversity of our country with the exhibition curated by ARA Puglia, displaying 500 heads and holding competitions and reviews of the main dairy and meat cattle breeds, buffaloes, sheep, goats, horses and rabbits with particular attention to those typical of Southern Italy. An additional exhibition space is occupied by companies whose production is closely connected with the sector, such as feeds and livestock equipment. The exhibition occupies all of pavilion 11 and gallery 13 (between Hall 11 and Hall 18) of the Nuova Fiera del Levante for a total area of over 6,000 square metres. While the livestock section represents a novelty, the part relating to the bioenergy production chain - organized in collaboration with Itabia, the Italy Biomass Association - confirms its place as one of the now traditional sectors of Agrilevante. The event includes the dynamic exhibition reserved for operating machines specialized in the management of biomass for energy use of agricultural and forestry origin. To this end, a special area will be set up in the square of area 47 west to display machines for timber handling, firewood processing, forestry chipping, shredding of residues and pelletizing, and agricultural residue (prunings and straw) collection and conditioning. The technology exhibits are accompanied by a programme of conferences and thematic workshops aimed at informing agricultural operators and the public about the economic and environmental advantages deriving from the use of these renewable sources.


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