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M.i.A. Salon: multifunctionality and innovation

by Fabrizio Sereni
October 2015 | Back

Technological innovation, network synergies and sharing good practices are the issues taken up in the M.i.A. Salon returning to Agrilevante for the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of farming enterprises to diversify their activities in sectors outside agriculture. For the 2015 edition of the exposition the organizers have planned a focus on special themes associated with the maintenance of green areas in cities and beyond for the prevention of hydro-geological degradation and the florist and greenhouse sector. The area dedicated to multifunctional agriculture takes over as much as 2000 m² of space for 22 companies with a layout for the promotion of close collaboration among the supply chains of those attending. Opening the way are Irritec drip and sprinkler irrigation systems for olives groves, Bottos brand grass seeds for lawns, football pitches and golf courses and on to Zucchetti robotics for grounds keeping. The really new feature for M.i.A. 2015 however is the Vivaio 2.0, Greenhouse 2.0, a course through which the real and the virtual interact by facing off with each other. By using their smartphones, visitors in the greenhouse will have access to masses of information, for example, on the type of plant they are looking at, its development and important water and light requirements for the care and management of private green areas. Attention will also be trained in the M.i.A. 2015 Salon above all on biodiversity given visual documentation on suspended panels – created for the Milan 2015 Universal Exposition Biodiversity Park with the help of FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation – and the restoration of traditional crops in the Puglia Region, acclaimed around the world for the wealth of the region’s natural habitat.

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