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Agrilevante: a return to land

The 2013 edition of Agrilevante, the International Exhibition of Machinery and Technology for Agriculture, hosted at the Bari Trade Fair and organized by FederUnacoma and Ente Fiera del Levante, finished with record numbers: almost 50,000 visitors, 2,300 of whom from abroad. For four days the Bari Trade Fair hosted discussions on agriculture's perspectives in the Mediterrenean area. During the exhibition a new partnership agreement has been signed by the organizers for three further biannual editions until 2019

by the editorial staff
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The International Exhibition of Agrilevante, hosted in Bari from October 17 to 20, had a huge success. Devoted to machinery, technology for agriculture, multifunctional approaches in farming and agro-energies and organized by FederUnacoma together with Ente Fiera del Levante, the exhibition set the record of 49,721 visitors, 2,272 of whom were from abroad (with the number of foreign visitors doubled compared with that of the previous edition).

More than 280 enterprises took part in Agrilevante. During the four days of the trade fair, high-tech machines and solutions for all the production chains typical of the Mediterrenean area were presented on a 50,000 square meters surface area with a wide open-air exhibition area.

This edition had a strong international appeal due to the participation of many companies and official delegations from abroad, involved in a large number of B2B meetings and several initiatives, conferences and events showing an increasing interest by the youth in agriculture, agro-mechanical activities and agriculture as a pastime.

The three dedicated Salons, Agriforenergy Med, M.i.A. And Vita in Campagna, as well as all didactic and promotional activities held during the exhibition on topics such as alternative energies, the new income tax returns and agriculture as a pastime, were all successful. The exhibition's organizers are already back to work and have signed a partnership agreement for three further biannual editions until 2019, with the first event of the "new cycle" taking place in October 2015.

"The sinergy between the Bari Trade Fair and FederUnacoma produced a successful event, in a period of major crisis for the whole sector" the President of FederUnacoma Massimo Goldoni declared while commenting on the exhibition's results, "and the renewal of the partnership agreement for the next three editions tells that there is a will to invest again in this event. Agrilevante stands out as an important exhibition and a well-estabilished event in both international and national trade fairs".

"The Bari Trade Fair", President Ugo Patroni Griffi said, "is investing in the agricultural production chain, one of the most crucial sectors of economy in Puglia. For this reason the number of initiatives devoted to agriculture will be increased in cooperation with the institutions. Agrilevante gave undoubtedly a significant contribution to Puglia's territory, an example being the event's large number of visitors and exhibitors".

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